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With Over 22.5k views and over 123 comments you can see why video production like this work for businesses.

Consumers are 74% more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video.  

Branding is crucial and content is king, it’s what drives engagement online, brings people to your pages and most importantly, reaches new customers.

Inspiring customers to act on a product or service once they have watched a video is a part of the call to action that we implement with videos. People are more likely to buy your product after spending 1-2 minutes understanding your product and seeing real people and faces that are involved in your business. 

We worked with Vinci Hair Clinic London to produce this video to showcase their hair transplant services. In just over 3 days the video has had been viewed 22.5k times and has received over 124 comments from people tagging their friends and sharing the video. This has been an amazing result in such a short time. This is why video marketing can be an amazing tool for your business. 

This video is apart of a larger social media campaign that we have produced for Vinci Hair Clinic London and is only the first video to be posted. 

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Using videography to market your business is key to success because it allows you to connect with your audience in a more engaging and personal way. Video has become the preferred medium for consuming information, and by creating high-quality video content, you can effectively communicate your brand message, showcase your products or services, and establish a strong online presence. We’ve produced a metric ton of video marketing for businesses in the Hotel industry, events and weddings as well as digital marketing for brands and businesses. 


How people see your branding and your business is 100% going to lead to how they feel about you or your service ( trust me, its something we work with every day ) so it really matters to make sure that what your showing, is actually useful and visually pleasing. Whether your photographing a new food menu or a refund on a boat, high quality photos matter. 


Andrew Rogers

Hugh’s ability to create, collaborate, manage and produce relevant content is outstanding.The drone footage he shot for our swimming event was awesome.

Katy Yates

We are so pleased that we chose to have a video put together and we know well love to watch it back in years to come! Communication was always great and I love the drone footage of the venue! Thank you, Hugh!

Nicola Jones

Hugh was amazing so professional and easy to work with, absolutely loved the video, I would highly recommend!!! Great value for money!!

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