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Hindu weddings UK: 

Hindu weddings are a blend of traditional Hindu customs and contemporary British culture. They are vibrant and colourful celebrations that involve a lot of rituals and ceremonies. Hindu weddings in the UK can take place in a variety of venues, including temples, hotels, and private homes.

Wedding Videography:

Wedding videography has become an important part of Hindu weddings in the UK, as it allows couples to capture and relive their special day for years to come. A Hindu wedding videographer in the UK will typically have experience in capturing all of the important moments and rituals of a Hindu wedding, such as the Haldi ceremony, Mehndi ceremony, Baraat, Kanyadaan, Pheras, and Vidai.

When choosing a Hindu wedding videographer in the UK, it’s important to find someone who has experience in capturing Hindu weddings and understands the significance of the various rituals and traditions. Many wedding videographers in the UK specialize in Hindu weddings and will be able to provide references and examples of their work. It’s also important to consider the videographer’s style and approach to ensure that it aligns with your vision for your wedding video.

Hindu weddings are elaborate and colorful ceremonies that involve various rituals and customs. They are deeply rooted in Indian culture and are considered to be one of the most important events in a person’s life.

The wedding ceremony typically lasts for several days and involves a series of rituals and ceremonies, starting with the engagement ceremony and ending with the reception. The most important day of the wedding is the wedding ceremony itself, which is known as the “Vivah” or “Kalyanam” ceremony.

Here are some of the main rituals and customs that are typically observed in a Hindu wedding ceremony:

  1. Ganesh Puja: The wedding ceremony usually begins with a prayer to Lord Ganesh, the Hindu god of wisdom and good fortune.


  1. Kanyadaan: This is the ritual where the bride’s father gives her hand in marriage to the groom.


  1. Pheras: The couple takes seven vows while circling the sacred fire four times, signifying the union of their souls.


  1. Sindoor and Mangalsutra: The groom applies sindoor (vermilion) on the bride’s forehead and ties a mangalsutra (sacred necklace) around her neck, symbolizing their marital bond.


  1. Saptapadi: The couple takes seven steps together, each step representing a different vow and promise they make to each other.


  1. Vidaai: The bride says goodbye to her family and leaves with her husband to start a new life.


  1. Grihapravesh: The bride is welcomed into the groom’s home and is blessed by the elders.

In addition to these rituals, there are many other customs and traditions that vary depending on the region and community in which the wedding takes place. Overall, Hindu weddings are a celebration of love, family, and tradition.

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