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Devon Wedding Videographer

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You will want to remember it forever, and what better way than with a beautiful wedding film? When it comes to choosing the best Devon wedding videographer, there are many things to consider. Do you want a traditional video or a more cinematic film? What style of videography do you prefer? And most importantly, how can you be sure that you’re hiring a quality videographer who will capture all the special moments of your day perfectly? In this comprehensive guide, we give you a step-by-step roadmap to choosing the best wedding videographer for your big day.

Explore the guide:

Discovering what matters to you and your fiancé

Understanding what matters to you as a couple is the first step in finding a wedding videographer who will understand and capture your vision for your big day. What kind of couple are you? What style of wedding do you want? Do you want your wedding film to be more traditional, or would you prefer something more creative and unique? These are important questions to ask yourselves before beginning your search for the perfect videographer.

If you’re not sure what style of videography you prefer, take a look at some of the latest trends in wedding films. You may be surprised to find that there are many different ways to capture your wedding day on film. From candid and naturalistic footage to more stylized and cinematic films, there is a trend to suit every couple.

Find the right location

The next step is to choose the right location for your wedding videographer. Devon is home to some of the most beautiful and unique locations in the South West UK, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. From stunning coastal towns to picturesque countryside villages, there is a location to suit every couple’s taste.

Your wedding plan checklist




Dress and Tux




Discover your own wedding style

When considering the style for your wedding, there are an infinite number of possibilities – and that can be overwhelming. It’s important to know what you DON’T want as much as what you want! We recommend a thorough search of social media to create mood and colour boards. Here’s our picks for social media channels to explore:

Top Social media channels, accounts and hashtags for wedding planning

Instagram tops our list because of the amazing visual content. Here are some of our favourite accounts to explore and get inspired:

@weddinginspo – an account that curates beautiful wedding photos from around the internet

@theknot – the official Knot account with tons of real weddings, planning tips and vendor recommendations

@stylemepretty – another great account for wedding inspiration with real weddings, tips and vendor recommendations

@brides – the official Brides magazine account with beautiful photos, planning tips and more


We also love Pinterest and often, brides will send their Pinterest boards to us to share their vision of their special day. Sharing your Pinterest board is easy, simply send us the link or add us as a collaborator.

To get started on Pinterest, search for:

– wedding planning boards

– top pins for weddings

– popular searches for weddings

Hashtags to explore:

#weddingday #ido #weddingphotography #weddingdress #bridetobe #weddingvideography #weddingfilms #weddinginspo #myweddingstyle #weddingstyle

Finding wedding inspiration in blogs

We recommend Tumblr for authentic wedding blog posts, describing real weddings as they happened. Here are some of our favourites:

Brooklyn Bride – a popular wedding blog with beautiful photos and vendor recommendations to inspire your Devon wedding

Offbeat Bride – a blog for couples planning non-traditional weddings

Green Wedding Shoes – a blog for eco-conscious couples planning green weddings.

Wedding video inspiration in….wedding videos!

Check out YouTube for iconic – first dances and speeches, plus recaps and advice from industry experts.

Our favourite YouTube channels are:

WeddingWireTV – for wedding planning tips and advice from industry experts

First Look – for iconic first look videos of couples seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day.

Bridebook – for beautiful real weddings and speeches from around the world.

FlowMotion Studios – to inspire you with authentic Devon wedding videography, with a range of styles and locations.

By following these channels, you’ll get great ideas for your own wedding day.

Sharing mood boards

The best way to share your wedding inspiration with us is to create a mood board. You can do this on your own Pinterest or Tumblr feeds, or even in a Google Doc. Simply add all of the wedding photos, videos and articles that you love in one place, so we can get a feel for your style. Once you’ve created your mood board, simply share it with us via email or social media. We can’t wait to see what you’ve found!

Still unsure on wedding style?

If you’re still not sure what style of wedding you prefer, you aren’t alone. Our creative director, Hugh Murthwaite, has spoken to many brides and couples that simply don’t know where to start.

Wedding videography inspiration comes from a range of sources

When we are helping to plan your wedding video, we take cues and characteristics from a range of sources:


Your music choice is a great place to start when considering the style of your wedding video. Do you want an upbeat, fun film or something more relaxed and romantic?


Your location also helps to set the tone for your wedding day. If you are getting married in a grand stately home, then this will likely be reflected in your wedding video. If you are getting married on a beach, then this will also be captured in your footage.


From floral arrangements to bowties to bridesmaid’s dresses, colour has an impact on your wedding style. We consider your chosen wedding colours when planning your videography.

Your personalities

Most importantly, your wedding video should reflect your personalities as a couple. It is important to us that we get to know you both before your big day, so that we can understand what makes you tick and what kind of people you are. This way, we can ensure that your wedding video is full of those special moments and characteristics that make you, you.

Your wedding dress

Your wedding dress is important to you for so many reasons, and video can help capture its true essence with all the details, beading, fabric, and movement that make it special. Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event that should be all about you. All the bridal preparation will be done beforehand so that you can relax and enjoy yourself. You’ll look and feel incredible on your big day.

You’re going to look absolutely stunning on your wedding day and you deserve to remember it in beautiful 4k video.

Wedding day nerves

Your wedding day is a special and emotional occasion, so it’s natural to feel a little nervous. But don’t worry, your videographer will be there to capture all the happy tears and laughter from your big day. These emotions are sometimes the most engaging and heartfelt scenes from your wedding film, ready to be captured beautifully by your wedding film maker.

Sharing your wedding videography “Shoot plan”

Your wedding shoot plan should include all the important moments you want captured on film, from the bridal prep through to the first dance. Here’s a handy checklist to help you get started:

– The bride getting ready

– The groom getting ready

– Arrival of guests

– Ceremony (entrance, vows, ring exchange, signing the register, exit)

– Reception ( speeches, cake cutting, first dance)

– Extra special moments (e.g. confetti toss, evening entertainment)

The first look

One of the most popular wedding film trends is the first look. This involves the father of the bride or the groomsmen seeing the bride for the first time before the ceremony.

Sometimes, the first look with be shared by the couple, with the bride seeing her husband-to-be for the first time as she walks down the aisle. This is a very special moment that can be captured on film and shared with your family and friends.

The first look is a great opportunity to capture your emotions on film and to have a beautiful moment captured forever. If you are considering a first look, then we recommend that you speak to your wedding videographer, as it will need to be planned in advance.

Friends and family from afar

When you have a wedding in a beautiful Devon location, it’s no wonder your guests will want to make the journey from far and wide. Be sure to tell your wedding videography about your special guests, so they can be sure to capture their messages to you on your wedding film.

Who are your wedding VIPs?

Every wedding has invited guests that are a little special, with a role to play on the day. Perhaps you have a young child as your ring bearer, an unforgettable best man’s speech, your family pet making a special appearance, and your uncle that always gets the party started. These are the people that make your wedding day even more special, and we think they deserve a starring role in your wedding video. Whoever your VIPs are, be sure to communicate this to your videographer so they can capture these special people and their special moments for you.

Capturing the ceremony on film

The wedding ceremony is the most important part of the wedding day, and your wedding videographer will be sure to capture all the special moments, from the walk down the aisle to the exchange of rings and vows. If you are having a humanist or non-religious ceremony, your officiant will likely say something personal and specific to you as a couple. We always recommend asking your wedding videographer to capture natural sound during the ceremony, as this can be used in your wedding film to great effect. If you are having a church ceremony, there may already be rules in place regarding photography and videography. Be sure to ask your wedding videographer about this in advance, so they can be prepared on the day.

Your First Dance

Your first dance, whether it’s funny, intimate, romantic or choreographed, is one of the most memorable and emotional moments of your wedding day. Not only does dancing with your partner communicate important messages, but it also celebrates the music that you chose together. This connection to rhythm and lyrics helps connect you emotionally and physically to both your partner and your guests.

“When filming the first dance, we love to capture the intimacy between the married couple, and also the reactions and faces of the invited guests looking on. During the dance, you are able to capture the pure love and emotion in the room, and it’s quite special.”

Your wedding film maker will capture the beauty of Devon

The natural beauty of the Devon landscape provides a stunning backdrop for your wedding photos and videos. The coastline, countryside, and moorland all offer unique opportunities for your wedding videography. Devon is also home to some of the best wedding venues in the UK, so you’re sure to find the perfect location for your wedding day.

The Devon Coastline

For those looking for a destination-style wedding without all the hassle of destination travel, Devon ticks all the boxes. The coastline of Devon provides some of the most stunning backdrops for your wedding day, our videography team are passionate about capturing the true beauty of Devon in all our films. We have a wealth of experience filming weddings all along the Devon coastline, from intimate cliff top elopements to large scale marquee receptions overlooking the sea.

Natural lighting and stunning sunsets

Whether it’s the dramatic atmosphere of Dartmoor, a sunny beach in Salcombe, a magnificent hotel in Torquay, or a stately home in Holsworthy, Devon has the most iconic natural lighting to create one-of-a-kind wedding films. In particular, video shoots at sunset are a perfect interlude between the ceremony and wedding “breakfast” and create a flattering golden glow that is both romantic and timeless.

What is Golden Hour (and why is it essential?)

Golden Hour is the time just after sunrise or before sunset when the natural light is at its most flattering. This is due to the sun being lower in the sky, which results in a softer light that is less harsh than midday sun. Golden Hour lighting is perfect for wedding photography and videography as it creates a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Why a cinematic style delivers a perfect result

A cinematic style wedding film delivers big on the factors that matter most, beautifully capturing the essential moments that make your wedding day truly unforgettable.

The investment in your wedding is not small, in terms of energy, emotion, time and budget. All your planning, your dreams, wishes and desires have been leading up to this moment. You deserve to be filmed in a cinematic style of uncompromised 4K quality. This is your wedding story, and you and your partner are the star of this cinematic film that you are proud to share with friends, family and on social media.

Drone wedding videography

When filming in a location as beautiful as Devon, you want to capture the majesty of the landscape – the rolling hills, the sea, cliffs, coves and stunning wedding venues. That’s why more and more couples are choosing to include drone footage in their wedding films. Devon is the perfect place to capture incredible aerial shots that will take your breath away. A drone gives you a bird’s eye perspective, so you may appreciate the grandeur and scale of your wedding event from above.

Storytelling: Speeches and voices matter to your video

Your wedding film deserves a narrative story arc that tells the viewer about your wedding day, and about starting your life’s journey together.

Audio plays a big role as you bring the story to life with voiceovers and authentic sound effects. The audio sets the scene – film has 10 layers of rich audio, and the best videographers will capture birds tweeting in the trees, he and waves lapping on the shoreline.

When using drone photography, you can slowly bring in voices and laughter of the wedding guests, or meaningful words from your the husband’s speech overlaying the tender moments caught on film.

Your wedding film should make you feel like you’re right there, reliving the wedding day all over again.

Wedding videographers capture emotions and expressions

Your wedding videographer will be focused on filming you and your guests during key wedding day moments, such as the ceremony, first dance, speeches and cake cutting. A good wedding film captures all the emotions of the day – the laughter, tears, love and happiness.

The best wedding films are those that make you feel like you’re right there, reliving the wedding day all over again. They capture the laughter, tears, love and happiness of the day.

When you watch your wedding film, you should feel transported back to your wedding day – reliving all the emotions and memories of that special day.

Wedding Films versus Wedding Videos

What’s the difference between a wedding film and a wedding video? A wedding film is a creative and artistic way to tell the story of your wedding day. It’s a beautiful way to relive your wedding day and share it with friends and family.

A wedding video is more like a documentary, capturing all the key events of the day in a chronological order.

Hiring a professional Devon wedding videographer

Here’s our recommended steps for hiring your wedding videographer in Devon:

1 Showreels

When you’re looking for a wedding videographer, the first place to start is by looking at their website and watching their wedding film showreels. This will give you a good sense of their style, approach and the quality of their work.

2 Style

Make sure you like their style and the way they tell the story of a wedding day. You want a wedding film that you’ll love watching over and over again, not one that’s outdated or doesn’t capture your personalities.

3 Emotion

The best wedding videographers will have a portfolio of beautiful, creative and emotive films that you can watch online. Take your time to watch a few of their films all the way through, so you can get a sense of their style and approach.

4 Reviews

You can also read wedding videographer reviews on Google and wedding planning websites like Hitched, The Knot, or even on TrustPilot.

5 Experience

It’s important that you choose a wedding videographer with plenty of experience. They should have filmed a wide variety of weddings, in different locations and venues, so they know how to capture all the special moments of a wedding day.

Meeting your videographer

Once you’ve watched their showreel and read some wedding videographer reviews, it’s time to meet them in person, or over video chat. This is your chance to get to know them better, ask any questions you might have, and see if they’re the right fit for you.

You should also ask to see a full wedding film, so you can see how they tell the story of a wedding day from start to finish.

Top 10 Questions to ask your wedding videographer:

  1. Do you have experience filming in Devon?
  2. What style of wedding film do you think would suit us best?
  3. What do you love about filming weddings?
  4. How do you capture the emotions of a wedding day?
  5. What do you think makes a great wedding film?
  6. Do you have any examples of your work that we can watch?
  7. What do you include in your wedding films?
  8. Do you have any special packages or extras that we can add to our wedding film?
  9. How long will it take to receive our wedding film?
  10. What do you need from us to capture our wedding day?

Your wedding videography team

You’ve spent hours researching the perfect Devon wedding videographer, so make sure you introduce them to your friends and family on the day. This way, everyone will be comfortable in front of the camera and your guests will feel like they are part of the action, not just onlookers.

Important topics to discuss with your videographer


If you have a particular colour scheme for your wedding, let your videographer know in advance. This way, they can capture the colours and tones of your wedding day in their film.


Your wedding flowers will be a big part of your wedding day and you’ll want them to look their best in your wedding film. Talk to your florist about your colour scheme and the types of flowers that will be in season on your wedding day.

The venue floorplan

If you’re getting married in a Devon church or registry office, make sure you share the location in advance, so the videographer can review the floorplan. This way, they can plan where to stand to get the best shots of your ceremony.

Setting your wedding videography budget

You want to get the most value from your videography investment. But how much should you spend on your wedding film?

Factors to consider


What style do you want? An experienced videographer will know what different styles are and how you can create them. They bring these style elements into the post production process, and work with colour and movement to make an impactful story of your day.


What kind of add ons would you like, for example, drones or a second camera for a larger venue or reception?

Cinematic sequences

If you want to see more cinematic sequences, they will add value (and budget) to your wedding film.


Depending on how much of the day you want captured, you can have a videographer there for six hours or 14, it depends on how much of the day you want captured.


How far will your wedding videographer have to travel? If they’re based in Devon or the South West, you will have minimal travel costs. But if they’re based elsewhere in the UK or abroad, then you’ll need to factor in their travel and accommodation costs.

Post production

This is where the final film is put together and edited. This is a time-consuming process and the more footage that needs to be edited, the longer it will take.

As a rough guide, wedding videography prices start at around £500 for a short highlights film and go up to £3000 for a full-day wedding film package.

To get an accurate quote, it’s best to contact a few different videographers and ask them for a price list. This way, you can compare prices and services to find the best deal for you.

Don’t forget to factor in travel costs if your wedding videographer is based outside of Devon. And finally, don’t be afraid to negotiate on price. If you’ve found a wedding videographer that you love, but their price is out of your budget, see if there’s room for negotiation.

Wedding photography is essential, too

While you’re wedding planning, don’t forget to budget for wedding photography as well. This is an important investment as your wedding photos will be cherished memories that you’ll look back on for years to come.

Your wedding photographer and videographer will work together on the day to capture your wedding story in both photographs and video. But they have different ways of telling the story, so it’s important to have both.

Wedding videographers work in collaboration with photographers

Wedding photography captures the still moments and emotions of your wedding day, while wedding videography brings your wedding photos to life and captures the movement and sound of your wedding day. Make sure you communicate with both your photographer and videographer to ensure that they are both on the same page and know what you want from your wedding films and photos. We work with photographers all the time, and help each other to capture as many moments as possible, ensuring a great result.

Wedding venue site visits

From big barn wedding venues to intimate country houses, we’ve filmed at them all. We have relationships with a range of wedding venues and can help you to choose the perfect wedding venue for your big day.

When you’re wedding planning, it’s important to visit a few different venues to get a feel for what they offer. And if you’re not sure which Devon wedding venue is right for you, Flow Motion can help. We’ve filmed at all the popular wedding venues in Devon, so we know a thing or two about what makes a great wedding venue. Take a look at our Top 3 Devon wedding locations:

Top 3 Devon wedding locations

Anran Farm, Ashburton, Devon

Anran Farm is a Devon wedding venue set in the heart of Ashburton that has a rustic, authentic and elegant vibe. The location features multiple ceremony locations, so you can get married by the lake, by the ponds, in the barn and in the courtyard, to suit any style. You can also be married inside in the event of rain or adverse weather conditions.

Insiders Tip: This venue is surrounded by acres of golden wheat fields, apple orchards and romantic meadows to set the perfect cinematic sequence.

Deer Park Estate, near Exeter, Devon

Deer Park is a country estate just outside of Exeter. It’s a large estate that’s used that is used for hosting big events, parties and mainly weddings. The property features an elegant great hall which is perfect for first dances and ceremony speeches, and grand rooms with high ceilings, wide staircases and pianos.

Insiders Tip: This venue features a unique tree house accommodation set high in an oak tree for the bride and groom to start their honeymoon. The tree house features a king sized bed and all modern conveniences – a truly beautiful space to create unforgettable memories. And, because it’s not too far from Exeter airport, you can jet away on your honeymoon with no fuss.

Tunnels Beach, Ilfracombe, Devon

Tunnels Beach is a wedding venue that is carved through the cliffs of Ilfracombe Beach and looks out on the sea on the other side. It’s a beautiful venue that gives you access down to the beach, and even take in views of wildlife like dolphins and seals. If you are a person that likes beach weddings, and you want to stay in the UK for something that still feels tropical, Ilfracombe is the best place for you. The drone images look incredible and the surrounding town is very beautiful as well.

Insiders Tip: Some may not know, there’s a hidden rock pool that fills up at high tide, and when you film on the perimeter, it looks like the bride and groom are standing in water with a beautiful reflection of the sky.

What are the must-have skills and equipment for your professional wedding videographer?

4K Video

4K Video is a new standard for wedding videography. It’s important to have a wedding videographer that can film in this high quality, because it will make your wedding video look incredible. The extra pixels mean that you’ll be able to see more detail and the colours will be more vibrant. You will see the definition of people’s faces clearer from far away. That means when you’re looking at your family members, big groups or just even yourself, you want to be able to see your eyes glistening in the sunlight without that being pixelated.

Benefits of 4K Video

– Clearer wedding video footage

– More vibrant and sharp colours

– Ability to see more detail from far away

Stabilisation system (Gimbals)

It’s also important that your wedding videographer has a stabilisation system. This will ensure that your wedding video is smooth and steady, even if they are moving around. A stabilisation system will also help to reduce any shakiness in the video. This is especially important if your wedding videographer is filming during the ceremony, because you want the video to be as clear and steady as possible.

Benefits of Stabilisation System and Gimbals

– Smoother wedding video footage

– Reduced shakiness in the video

-Gliding, cinematic feel

Cinematic sequences

A cinematic look is what wedding videographers strive for. It’s that dreamy, film-like quality that makes your wedding video look like it came straight out of a Hollywood movie.

Benefits of cinematic film sequences

– dreamy and romantic quality

– creates emotional engagement

Drone and Aerial Footage

Drone footage is a must-have for any wedding videographer. It gives you a unique perspective of your wedding day, and it can add some beautiful shots to your wedding video.

Benefits of Drone and Aerial Footage

– Unique perspective of your wedding day

– Adds beautiful shots to your wedding video

-Takes in all the splendour of your day, including the scale of the venue and your celebration

Professional colour grading

Your wedding videographer should have a professional colour grading system and a professional styling approach. This will ensure that your wedding video has the perfect colours to match the tone and feel of your wedding day.

Benefits of Professional Colour Grading

– Creates a professional, cohesive look for your wedding video

– wedding video colours will match the tone and feel of your wedding day

Wireless Microphones

A good wedding videographer will have a wireless microphone system. This is important because it allows them to capture the audio of your wedding day clearly.

Benefits of a Wireless Microphone system

– Captures the audio of your wedding day clearly

– Allows wedding videographer to be mobile and capture audio from different angles

Wireless microphones can be placed on the bride and groom, as well as in the ceremony and reception area. This means that you will be able to hear the vows, speeches and music clearly in your wedding video.

Your wedding videographers portfolio

When you’re looking at wedding videographers, it’s important to look at their portfolio. This will give you an idea of their style and the quality of their work.

A good wedding videographer will have a portfolio that:

– Shows a variety of styles

– Is creative and unique

– Uses different filming techniques

– Has a mix of long shots and close-ups

– Is edited well

– Uses music to create a mood

– Shows emotion and captures the feeling of the day

Your wedding videographers reviews

Google reviews are a great way to see what past clients have said about their experience. This will give you an idea of the wedding videographers customer service and the quality of their work.

When you’re looking at reviews, make sure to look for:

– Positive reviews from recent clients

– A variety of different types of reviews

– Reviews that mention the wedding videographers customer service

– Reviews that mention the quality of the wedding video

Benefits of a signed contract

Lock in your date

: When you sign a contract, you are locking in your wedding date. This means that your wedding videographer can’t book another wedding on your date.

You’re protected: If something happens and your wedding videographer can’t make it to your wedding, the contract will protect you. This means that you will either get a full refund or the wedding videographer will find someone to replace them.

It outlines the details: The contract should outline all the details of your wedding day, including the start time, end time, locations, and any other important information. This ensures that both you and the wedding videographer are on the same page.

Lock in your pricing

In these uncertain economic times, it’s important to lock in your pricing. A contract will do this for you, so you don’t have to worry about the price going up closer to your wedding date.

Quality assured

When you sign a contract, you are wedding videographer is agreeing to provide a certain level of quality. This means that if the wedding video isn’t up to par, you can get your money back or have the wedding video redone.

No surprises

A contract ensures that there are no surprises on your wedding day. This means that you know exactly what to expect from your wedding videographer.

A contract is an important part of choosing a wedding videographer. It protects you and your investment, and ensures that you will get the wedding video you want.

A video is worth a thousand words

Your wedding day goes by in the blink of an eye, but with a beautiful video you can relive all the happy memories again and again. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, so it’s important to choose a videographer who will capture all the special moments in a way that you’ll treasure forever.

Wedding videography is a big decision

Choosing a wedding videographer is a big decision. There are many factors to consider, including style, trends, and quality. We hope that this guide has been helpful in your search for the perfect wedding videographer.

Happy wedding planning!

Devon Wedding Videographer

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