7 Must-Have Wedding Video Shots 2023 – Wedding Videographer

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7 Must-Have Wedding Video Shots 2023 – Wedding Videographer

Cinematic wedding trailers

Make your love story come alive and become the focus of your romantic wedding trailer! Short, sweet and memorable – think of it as your very own cinematic masterpiece set against romantic music. It will be like taking a trip through time transported back into this special moment you share with all who love you most. It’s an unforgettable way to relive your special day.

Devon wedding videographer Hugh Murthwaite, Founder of Flow Motion Studios, knows why this trend in wedding videography has taken off, “Couples want that immediate feeling again after their magical day passes by too quickly.” Now you can get a professionally produced preview ahead of all other videos – making it possible for everyone close to you (and even those far away) to share in the joyous celebration.

A Wedding TikTok video

TikTok is the go-to place for trendsetting wedding tips and creative ideas. Couples are using this platform to preserve their memories of the big day with transitions and popular music in fun videos. From dances you can do at your reception to unique ways to remember loved ones – there’s something here for everyone! #weddingtok has it all, so if you’re not having an unplugged wedding why not use social media transitions and effects to create something memorable and on trend?

Leave it up to a professional videographer who’ll capture those special moments while leaving room for a little extra silliness from both newlyweds and guests alike. From candid video montages set to popular music tracks made by guests participating in fun trends together; your day will be remembered for years to come!

Video wedding invitations

A new wave is coming to the wedding industry – video save-the-dates and invitations. This tech savvy approach towards stationery still embraces classic traditions but adds a fresh spin that everyone from your parents and grandparents can appreciate. This digital approach gives a more personal touch that resonates with the older generation who may now be Face Timing, using email and social media platforms daily. Couples will want a video save-the-date or wedding invitation as an inclusive way of connecting their families together before the big day arrives. No one said traditional had to go away – it just means you have another option to connect with your family and guests.

Reception sparkler send-off

The finale of the wedding reception is an exciting time – and should be captured with a bang! To add a bit of sparkle to your night, why not invite your wedding party and guests to join in on a special moment? A sparkler send off with a matching song or group hug are great ways to cap off the festivities. There’s nothing more beautiful than a sea of lights and love as you bid your guests farewell. These photos and videos will make for great keepsakes, so don’t forget to call on a professional videographer to capture all the moments that happen before, during, and after your wedding day!

Drone footage

If you have the budget, adding drone shots to your wedding video will be worth every penny. Drone shots create an incredible cinematic look that takes your videos from ordinary to extraordinary. Professional wedding videographers are using drones more and more for capturing big aerial shots of venues, giving a unique perspective to the video. The beauty of the venue from a bird’s eye view using drones can add an extra wow factor to your wedding day memories.

Super 8mm effects (but on digital)

The classic, timeless look of Super 8mm film effects are having a major moment in wedding videos. Transforming the couples’ special day into an authentic piece of nostalgia with rolling reels and grainy textures adds that extra layer to keep those memories alive. This trend works especially well for vintage- or retro-themed weddings, and for modern couples looking to add a nostalgic touch to their special day. Capturing footage on a digital camera and adding this timeless effect brings an unparalleled layer of authenticity to your special day.

Live streaming your wedding day

Another great way to ensure that all of your loved ones can share in the joyous occasion of your wedding is by live-streaming the event. You can set up a private portal or page for guests to join in from anywhere, allowing them to witness the beginning of a new chapter in your lives together. Professional videographers can help you set up the necessary equipment and take out the guesswork. This way, even those international relatives or friends from far away can be a part of your special day. 

Your wedding videographer is here to help

There are many ways to make your wedding day memorable with videography. Incorporating some of these trends into your special day will leave you with memories that last a lifetime! Working with your wedding videographer, you’ll be able to create something unique and special that is reflective of who you are as a couple. We hope this article has provided inspiration for couples planning their big days and given them ideas about how they can capture those moments forever.

Still on the fence? 

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